Lines of Force - the last word in real-bitcoin overhead 1v1 strategy battle.

100% referral. Every round.

Bitcoin referral skill game

Every time one of "your" players plays a round, you get paid.

Lines of Force is the total referral P2P arena action game.

Players can join only by referral.

You earn every time one of "your" players plays. Forever.

And, you earn more when they win!


100% skill

Lines of force is a fast-paced player-to-player pure skill game.

Players meet for one-to-one continuous casual arena play - rounds of about two minutes.

It is an overhead strategy actioner - rather like a traditional overhead tank strategy game, but with a sophisticated, highly novel, casual interface.

Think Splatoon meets Angry Birds! -  an addictive, "round-after-round" PC/Mac overhead game.


100% referral

LOF is a deep and wide referral game.

Players  join the club via referral.  100% of players will have referrers.

Referrals are deep - four levels.

When new players purchase the Mac/PC game, the entire purchase price flows to referrers.

Every single time players play one round, part of the round fees flow to the referrers. Every single round.

And from the winning player of each round, there's a small "your player won!" bonus paid to the winning player's referrers!

Lines of force

The P2P bitcoin referral skill game